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6 Questions To Ask Your Electrical Contractor

When building an apartment complex, commercial complex, or even an individual villa or house, the services of a professional contractor company are vital. The reason for this is that electrical wiring and installation services are specialized, and need a high degree of experience and expertise which comes from professional training plus the knowledge gained from long years of service. 

This is why the way to select an Electrical Contractor should not be limited to just finding an available contractor or one whose quote is the lowest. There are many aspects to take into consideration and this can be done only by checking if the contractor meets all the key aspects.

Does your Electrical Contractor have a proper license? 

This is a very important question to ask as the contractor is required by law to have an electrical license to undertake electrical contracts for buildings and homes. Electrical circuits and wiring can sometimes be prone to fires and hence the building and premises would be insured. The contract of most major insurance companies requires that your electrical contractor is properly licensed. Or else you would be breaking their requirement and it can void your insurance contract. 

Do the workers of your electrical contractor have insurance coverage?

Electrical work involves a high level of risk and chances of accidents happening, especially when the project is large and the work is complex. If the electrical contractor does not provide insurance coverage to the workers, the liability can get transferred to the owners of the building where the work is being done. Litigation and liability can be costly and unnecessary worry. One only has to ensure that all the workers of the contractor have proper and updated insurance coverage, to be on the safe side. 

Does your electrical contractor have the necessary expertise? 

Electrical contractors may have varied expertise – so you need to determine if they have the necessary expertise for the work you intend to assign to them. Most major electrical contractors can offer a wide range of services from installation and maintenance to servicing. The electrician should be qualified to meet the requirements of residential, commercial, or industrial work – because each of these sectors can have a different kind of need and the intricacies of each of their requirement can vary. For example, in a commercial establishment, the electrician may need to know how to wire and supply electricity with all the complicated wiring systems for running heavy-duty work equipment. For industries, the electrical contractor may have to be well-versed in handling high voltage wiring and requirements of heavy machinery which are also highly expensive. 

Can your electrical contractor meet your work and time requirements?

There may be some aspects for which your electrical contractor may not have the expertise and may have to engage experts from other organizations. At such times, the contract, pricing, and schedule have all to be taken into account. The contractor should also have all equipment, workers and be willing to work as per schedules decided and agreed upon to meet the deadlines. You would want them to be committed and motivated to your project and not dump the work halfway to meet their commitments to some other project. 

Keep an eye on the pricing structure! 

Will the contractor bill for the whole project or for each segment of work in a piecemeal way? How much of the cost is fluid and how much is fixed? Will they be committing enough workers to ensure that the work is completed as per periodic schedules? The electrical wiring and work may have to work in tandem with the rest of the construction work and if there is a delay on the part of the electrical contractor, it can hold up the work of the rest of the project. Sometimes the electrical contractor fails to take into account many aspects while estimating to establish that their quote is lower. But this will lead to the opening of negotiations at a later stage of work as well as hold-ups by the contractor as a pressure tactic. To avoid such issues, it is better to think through them before accepting the quote that’s the lowest. Go for realistic estimates and ensure that all aspects of the work are included including the final inspection and acquiring of all the certificates from the authorities. It would also be wise to enquire if the contractor offers any warranty on the work. 

Who will buy the wires, switches, and other items?

A huge number of items are required for ensuring quality electrical supply, distribution, and access in a project. It starts from wires to switches and ELCB boards, to say the least. All the wiring and equipment have to meet the quality standards set by the Government bodies. All the switches and boards have to be consistent all across the project and hence will be required in huge numbers and may have to be bought in bulk. Determining the material cost based on quality expectations and brand requirements is a complex task that the electrical contractor has to do properly. The building owners and the contractor will have to decide beforehand on who will pay for damages to the property for improper work and faulty equipment/materials. A good electrical contractor with the proper experience and expertise like Omega Engineers, a premier electrical and plumbing contractor offering advanced services with trained personnel and modern equipment can offer Electrical, Plumbing, ELV systems, Security and Data Systems with Access Control, Sanitary and Drainage Systems as well as Solar Energy Solutions for projects of any size – large or small. 

If you are seeking professional work to be done for your new building, residence, or commercial complex in Central Kerala including Kanjirappally, Kottayam, and Kochi region, feel free to contact Omega Engineers at +91-8547 674 781 for a discussion and estimate of work. 

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