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How can Electrical Contractors help reduce your Electricity Bills?

A residential building or a commercial complex could end up with high electricity usage and consequently, a much higher electricity bill than it should be. The electrical contractor undertaking the work of the project will have a big role in preventing such an issue from arising. For this, a good electrical contractor like Omega Engineering Services can be chosen to serve projects in Kottayam and across Kerala. A good electrical contractor with long years of experience can identify the issues before they arise and ensure that the electricity consumption is kept within limits across the projects. There are many ways by which power bills can be kept to the regular level. Here are some of them – 

Energy-efficient appliances and devices

These days new apartments are offered to clients along with a host of electrical appliances and devices pre-installed. At such times, when the construction company assigns professional electrical contractors the task of advising or recommending the best energy-saving appliances and devices with the highest Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Ratings. Energy-saving appliances and products are all available in the marketplace like Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Dishwashers, Hot-water geysers, etc. This reduces power consumption drastically and makes the project achieve the best environmentally-friendly status.  

Using the right Lighting

Every home, apartment, and commercial complex needs to light up during the evenings and at night. Lighting is one of the major reasons for energy consumption and hence, the type of lighting that is used contributes to the power cost. Shifting from power-hungry lighting to LED lighting fittings can mean significant savings on power consumption. A good Electrical Contractor will recommend the right lighting that will provide the right intensity of light with the best LED fittings. 

Lower power consumption with the right HVAC

With the right planning and selection of consumables and equipment, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) energy costs can be reduced. With the right kind of sealing and closure systems, more cool air can be retained in the rooms. This helps in increasing the energy efficiency of air-conditioning. Using the best HVAC models also helps in ensuring effective heating of rooms in cold weather conditions. The Electrical Contractor can help in designing systems where lower energy needs to be used by the right kind of water heaters or by suggesting natural ventilation for light. 

Powering up with Solar

Today, installing solar panels to help reduce energy consumption drawn from the grid has become pretty common. Omega Engineering Services can help projects by designing, sourcing, installing, and handing over solar energy plants on the roof of the projects. The entire system will be designed and set up using the best products from leading brands. The engineering of the solar energy plant is undertaken and the project is completed within the best lower budgets. 

The right wiring 

Wiring that runs across the projects transferring power from one end to the other plays a significant role in power consumption. If there are leaks in the wiring system, it can lead to unnecessary additional costs as power is lost and wasted. It can also be potentially dangerous to the occupants. 

The trusted service provider 

Omega Engineering Services has served numerous projects in Kochi, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, and across Kerala, helping them reduce their power consumption and become energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Even simple techniques like using motion sensors for lighting the compound region for the residents or recommending the use of the right kind of blinds and paints to block the heat property of sunlight helps. It makes sense for every project to become energy-efficient as it means significant savings in revenues over time. For a more accurate understanding of how good planning by a trusted Electrical Contractor can help projects achieve higher energy efficiency, please call: +91-8547 674 781 for a free discussion.  

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