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Electrical contractors in Kottayam


Any establishment present in the modern world needs electricity as a basic necessity. We all have seen and felt the frustration of not getting electricity when you are full of ambition and are trying to fulfil your vision. Well, we are glad to say that it wouldn’t be like that anymore. We have a set of skilled electrical contractors in Kerala who work with top-notch quality tools and instruments to ensure that nothing stands between you and your dream.

Immense importance should be given to the electrical instruments and contractors. Since companies have to trust them and expect quality. We promise to listen to you, understand your needs, verify with you and then work to create it how you want it to be because that final satisfied smile on our customer’s face is what we strive for. We have a wide array of services and top-quality products that will satisfy your company’s all electrical needs. We supply and install VCB panels, transformers, generators, compact bus ducts, HT and LT Electrical Cables, APFC Panels, MV motor control centre, motors and relays, and light fixtures.

  • The need for electricity is different in different scenarios, especially in places like Kerala where the weather is unpredictable. We check the need and environment where the installation has to be done and install the necessary fittings may it be VCB Panels, transformers, or generators, according to what the situation demands. VCB is a wise choice for the conditions in Kerala as it is better than any other kind of circuit breaker and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, unlike the oil circuit breaker which makes it highly user and environment-friendly. This is just one example of how we think of our customers first before selecting any product that will be installed in your company. Every instrument that we install must only facilitate your brand.
  • You must know that carrying electricity from one piece of equipment to another is done through cables or wires, but what if they have an overload of voltage and you can’t control the voltage of current in those wires. Well, that is where our very compact bus ducts come in to protect your valuable equipment from overload. We all know how common overloads are in the areas like Kottayam or anywhere in Kerala for that matter. As we even understand the need for equipment for a company we ensure its proper installation and do thorough checking. Hence, we think through every step to make sure that nothing stands between you and your race towards success.
  • LT cables are around the 1.1 kV range, while HT cables have a range greater than 1.1 kV. We have expertise in laying and terminating both HT and LT cables. This makes our service much easier and tension free for you as you do not have to go looking for different contractors all around Kelara or even Kottayam. You also don’t need to identify which cable is needed where. Hire us, then sit back and run your company, while we do all that is needed for your company’s smooth functioning on the electrical side.
  • Power factor is a way of understanding how efficiently power is used. This is an important measurement for companies as the “business” will only sustain if micro-level cost reduction is implemented in a company, especially in Kottayam Kanjirappally, where entrepreneurs rise every day. We supply and install Automatic Power Factor Control or APFC Panels all around Kerala for the improvement of this Power Factor so that the electricity bill is shorter and the working hours of your equipment are longer which will help you fetch the expected results. Installing such panels also reduces the risk of Operational Issues and Power Loss which is very common in Kerala, needless to say. We understand Kerala’s highly humid conditions, so we chose APFC panels as it is durable and resistant to corrosion. This is a level of thoughtfulness that no other contractors in Kerala will provide you with.
  • We also install and control the supply of Medium Voltage (MV) or Motor control center (MCC) all around Kerala and mainly in Kottayam. These MVs go through rigorous exercise fail tests and we ensure that only the ones that pass all the tests are installed in your companies. So, you can rest assured that only the top-notch quality MVs will be installed for your use. This can be combined with other switchboards too which gives you an added advantage and we will be at the helm of it ensuring it’s properly working for your growth.
  • Motor relays are needed in the working of almost everything under the range of 15A. As you might have guessed by now, we also regulate the supply and installation of these motor relays that you might need for your company. As you have known by now we create a very customer-friendly environment where the customer has nothing to worry about while we come to your company, understand your vision, and then give solutions that are highly adaptive and effective based on the scenario.
  • Lights are the main factor considering the electrical works a company needs. It gives the company a bright look and according to some studies, it also improves the working mood which in turn increases productivity. Good lighting also catches your customer’s eye if you invite them over for client meetings. The illumination itself might get you a good chance towards your ideal deal. We will be there for any light fixture it might need in the future considering the power cuts and overloads that are common in Kerala due to its weather.

We are a one-stop solution for all your electrical needs and that we are the most efficient electrical contractors in Kottayam, Kerala. The vast knowledge in all the areas mentioned above helps us to solve every problem our customers might have and satisfy all their electrical needs. Once you hire us you can just focus on making your company’s future bright while we make sure your company never loses its brightness by giving you the best electrical supply and installations.