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Omega Engineers excels at providing state of art in Electrical and Plumbing Solutions to Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, and Resorts. We’re also the pioneers in the industry for designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels. Our core values revolve around assuring great results when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality of work. Here are the core services that we focus on:

Design and consulting services

Concept Design

We provide efficient and feasible design layouts and blueprints for installation of Electrical, Plumbing and ELV systems.

Load data analysis

We offer consultations for selection of transformers, Generators , Switch Gears and Cables based on Load analysis.

Design of Electrical Scheme

We provide schematic diagrams for Electrical power distribution .

Substation design

We focus on optimizing the area required for Electrical substation which saves valuable commercial space.

Lighting and socket layouts

We offer consultation and designs for smart lighting and power dispense requirements in industrial , residential and commercial establishments.

Lightning protection design

We provide safety consultations and preventive measures for lightning protection and energy surge in the system.

Preparation of BOQ

We also prepare Bill Of Quantities and Estimate for the Electrical Installations.

VCB Panels, Transformer & Generators

We undertake supply and installation of VCB Panels, transformers, and generators for energy management and power supply requirements, based on the need and environment.

Compact bus ducts

We provide supply and installation services of compact bus ducts for efficient and smooth power management.

HT / LT Cable laying and Termination

We have expertise in laying power cables and also handles the termination for both HT and LT Electrical Cables.

APFC Panels

We supply and install Automatic Power Factor Control or APFC Panels for the improvement of Power Factor.

MV panels / MCC

Our MV motor control center is of top-notch quality and has passes exercise fail tests. So rest assured, you can trust the equipment we provide.

Motors & Relays

We can also supply various kinds of motors and relays depending on the specific requirements and situations of the customer. Our solutions are highly adaptive and carefully selected for maximum performance based on the environment.

Light fixtures

We also provide light fixtures for your lighting and illumination needs.

Statutory approvals

Getting statutory approvals

We can help you with the application and receive the statutory approvals for electrical installation.

Short circuit calculations and earthing Design

We have experience and expertise in getting Short circuit calculations and earthing Designs for customers for economic and safe selection of switchgears.

Obtaining Sanction for Energization

We can help you with getting sanctions for energization and power management for industrial , residential and commercial buildings.

Approval for addition and modifications of Electrical Installation

Our services also include helping the customers with approvals for addition and modifications of Electrical Installation.

Laison with KSEB and Inspectorate.

We can also help you surpass the red tape and unnecessary delay in work completion by liaising with regulatory bodies and panels like the KSEB.

Supply and installation of ELV systems

Design of ELV Systems

We offer services and designing for Extra Low Voltages systems in homes, apartments, and other residential buildings.

CCTV and Security System

Closed-circuit monitoring and safety apparatus for better security and insights.

Data Network

Seamless and hassle-free data management and networks for commercial purposes.


Modern and cheap solutions for telephones


Latest brands and models for new homes, common spaces, offices, etc.

Home Theatre

Rich experience through surrounding home theater experience and minimal distractions.

Nurse call System

Easy installation and maintenance of Nurse call systems for hospitals, homes, supervised apartments, and day-care centers.

Access Control

We can help you closely monitor and control your private networks and premises using complete access control solutions at reasonable rates.


We can also take care of your internet facilities like FTTH, modems, and extensions.

Solar Power Plants

Feasibility Study

If you’re planning to set up a solar power plant, we can help you with the feasibility study for assessing and evaluating the plan.

Design and Estimation

We design state-of-the-art solar power fields and plants that maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste.

Calculation of ROI

Omega engineers is a one-stop solution for all your solar energy-related requirements including a meticulous and detailed ROI study to calculate the feasibility.

Selection of Solar Modules

We can help you choose the right solar panel modules depending on the location, environment, and capacity.

Selection of Inverters

Our consulting services extend beyond modules and designs though. We can also help you choose the right inverter from our wide range of selection to match the best output.

On-Grid and Off-Grid systems

Our 360-degree services also range from on-grid and off-grid systems for better adaptability and cost-efficiency.

Net Meter

We provide net meteres for carefully monitoring the output and energy production for better insights.

Installation & Testing

We have also mastered the installation and testing of the solar power plants and it’s components.

Statutory Approvals

Beyond consulting and providing with all the necessary equipment, we also offer services in ensuring statutory approvals for your solar power plants.


We also deal with a warranty for the equipment and systems used in the power plant so you can rest easy knowing that your money spent is secure.

Selection of Pumps

We offer a wide range of pumps for water management depending on the location, topography, and abundance.

Sanitary and Drainage System

We can help you keep your premises clean with well-designed sanitary and drainage systems.

Water Distribution

We offer solutions for water management and distribution. Our custom designs and creative solutions make sure that you will never have water troubles in the future.

Water treatment

Our solutions also include water treatment plants for purification and contamination removal depending on the purpose and industry standards.

Solar Water heater

If you are planning to switch over to energy-efficient solar power for water heating, we’ve got the perfect solutions for you.

Kitchen and Laundry

Omega engineers also provide the latest models of kitchen and laundry equipment with assured warranty and lasting support.

Irrigation systems and Controls

Manage your irrigation and planning using our instruments for better results at a minimal cost.

Swimming Pool Systems

Our swimming pool systems are very efficient and clean. You will never have to worry about water management, recycling, and purification for your pools ever again.